Jay Z Cuddles Up with the Care Bears in New Statue

Jay Z Cuddles Up with the Care Bears in New Statue
Jay Z's not exactly having the best quarter for PR. In addition to copyright infringement claims over his mega-hit "Run This Town," he's also faced criticism for going ahead with his Barneys campaign despite allegations of the company's racial profiling. Now, the latter issue has been addressed via New York sculptor Daniel Edwards.

As anyone should, Edwards attacked this grave, nuanced issue by enlisting the help of some magical, cuddly teddy bears. The sculpture, viewable above, is called "Jay Z Cares and Shares," and sees Shawn Carter chuckling it up with a bunch of lovable Care Bears.

In a press release [via the NY Daily News], Edwards pointed out that the enormously wealthy rapper should be viewed at as an entertainer, rather than some sort of voice for activism.

"Jay Z is an entertainer, not a civil rights activist," he said, pointing out that all proceeds from the Barneys line actually support his Shawn Carter Scholarship Foundation. "He defended future college funds by standing up to the criticism."

As of press time, the Care Bears were not available for comment.

Edwards previously depicted Jay Z as a "Scrooge," pairing him with Richie Rich, Scrooge McDuck and Mr. Burns, as part of an Occupy Wall Street protest piece. That sculpture is showcased in the video below.