Jay Arner "Broken Glass (In the Hall of Shattered Mirrors)"

Jay Arner 'Broken Glass (In the Hall of Shattered Mirrors)'
Vancouver's Jay Arner keeps himself busy playing in dance duo Fine Mist and indie rock collective Bleating Hearts, but sometimes a man's just got to go it alone, which is why the songwriter has been prepping some solo material on the side. While details are still scant, Arner tells Exclaim! that he's in the midst of working on a solo album, and has offered up a taste of what's to come via new number "Broken Glass (In the Hall of Shattered Mirrors)".

The sweet and simple pop rock jam sort of plays like a mix Twin Shadow and Angles-era Strokes, with spritely electro beats bustling beneath layers of lo-fi guitar jangle, though Arner's voice lilts daintier than either of those acts.

Down below, you can check out the original number, as well as an even dreamier remix, transposed to a higher key and featuring rippling synth-bass and clap-beat rhythms.