Jason Newsted Goes "(Mostly) Acoustic" with Would and Steal Project

Jason Newsted Goes '(Mostly) Acoustic' with Would and Steal Project
If you were cradling your head in disbelief over the non-Metallica-sanctioned "Meowtallica" web gag, you may want to sit down for this one: former bassist Jason Newsted has just announced a new acoustic project apparently called Would and Steal. Go ahead and say that one aloud to give yourself a proper, pun-ful chill.

Beyond the woeful wordplay, not too much has been revealed the outfit just yet, but a Facebook listing explains that Newsted will be detailing what all Would and Steal are getting up to this Friday (July 22) on the Mighty Fine Webcast. He'll be hitting Lafayette's Mighty Fine Guitars to "talk about his new (mostly) acoustic project and whatever else comes up," as well as play some new music.

Though the Facebook listing doesn't mention the new band name, Blabbermouth reports that the act is indeed called Would and Steal, and finds Newsted collaborating with Rob Tucker. As Newsted yanked himself off of social media platforms Twitter, Facebook and Instagram in 2014, we'll have to wait until the webcast to get more details.

Newsted was the third bassist of Metallica, joining the band following the death of Cliff Burton in 1986. He played with the group until 2001, with his post-'Tallica career including a stint with Voivod and the unveiling of his eponymous Newsted project in 2012. That band issued their Heavy Metal Music in 2013.