Jason Molina's High School Band Treated to Reissue

Jason Molina's High School Band Treated to Reissue
Since the passing of Jason Molina, the Songs: Ohia/Magnolia Electric Co. leader has been honoured with a benefit comp, as well as some reissues. Now the late songwriter will be treated to another posthumous release via a tape reissue of his high school punk outfit Spineriders' 1991 album, Hello Future Tinglies. Misra Records delivers the cassette on August 27.

Preceding Molina's Songs: Ohia and Magnolia Electric Co., the Lorian, OH outfit had the songwriter playing bass and singing back-ups. Down below, you can sample Molina's four-string skills via a stream of Hello Future Tinglies' surprisingly tough-sounding title track, which features a speedy bass solo mid-song.

"Our aim in unearthing Hello Future Tinglies is to provide an invaluable window into the life, circumstances and experiences of a young Northeast Ohio native whose extraordinary gift would grow, take form and awaken the world in innumerable ways," the label said in a statement.

The cassette is being pressed up in a limited run of 300 copies, with proceeds going to the Musicians Emergency Medical Association. The non-profit organization's mandate is to "stabilize and improve the quality of life of people in the entertainment industry" and provide health care to those in need.

You can pre-order the release here.

Hello Future Tinglies:

1. Intro
2. Hello Future Tinglies
3. Instrumental 2
4. Thunder Junkie
5. Instrumental 8
6. Acid Man
7. Instrumental 3
8. Instrumental 7
9. Stupid
10. Instrumental 5
11. Moon Syrup
12. Instrumental 1