Jan Jelinek avec The Exposures La Nouvelle Pauvreté

Jan Jelinek has taken the popular clicks and cuts of the past few years and injected them with some well-needed soul on this enjoyable album. Tracks on this album range from house to experimental. Most are somewhat clicky, and jazz elements are often present. "Music To Interrogate By” is a great house number that combines all these elements, with a dub bass line and even samples of crowd applause following the "solos.” "If’s, And’s And But’s” is just as good, with a delicate bass line and subtle keys. Other tracks are more experimental, like "Facelift” and "Davos S.” The album owes a lot to Matthew Herbert’s Bodily Functions, but this one is more experimental and not as instantly catchy. Still, the same warmth and love of a good tune is there. (Scape)