James Ferraro Readies 'Far Side Virtual' LP for Hippos In Tanks

James Ferraro Readies 'Far Side Virtual' LP for Hippos In Tanks
Following a prolific rising career, including the release of his Condo Pets EP earlier this week and an appearance on RVNG Intl.'s excellent FRKWYS Vol. 7, lo-fi electronic wacko James Ferraro has revealed plans for a new full-length.

According to a press release, the album is called Far Side Virtual and "takes us on a dance through some enigmatic modern metropolis, through the spaces of our consumerism, down a street that could be your 5th Avenue or your Regent Street or your Shibuya Square to some anonymous globalized space in a common augmented Utopia. A cellular kingdom of fusion and virtual couture, a candy land of Utopias within a Utopia. iLand."

Yes, that's a lot to quote from the press release, but it keeps getting better: "Far Side Virtual is simply a symphony for Whole Foods and brand new Crocs. A restrained type of minimal pop that spins full blast on Carrie Bradshaw's iPod. A must have on the MP3 player for those globalized citizens active in the world today."

Far Side Virtual will be available on November 14 via Hippos In Tanks as a limited twelve-inch record. The tracklisting is available below and the cover above, while the album can be pre-ordered here.

Far Side Virtual:

 1. "Linden Dollars"
2. "Global Lunch"
3. "Dubai Dream Tone"
4. "Sim"
5. "Bags"
6. "PIXARnia And The Future Of Norman Rockwell"
7. "Palm Trees, Wi-Fi and Dream Sushi"
8. "Fro Yo And Cellular Bits"
9. "Google Poeises"
10. "Starbucks, Dr. Seussism, And While your Mac Is Sleeping"
11. "Adventures In Green Foot Printing"
12. "Dream On"
13. "Earth Minutes"
14. "Tomorrow's Baby Of The Year"
15. "Condo Pets"
16. "Solar Panel Smile"