James Ferraro Announces 'Sushi'

James Ferraro Announces 'Sushi'
Lo-fi electro prince James Ferraro has flooded the market the last few years with a number of wonky yet often highly danceable LPs. Unsurprisingly, the dude is at it again, and will release his next venture, Sushi, through Hippos in Tanks as a digital download November 7. The vinyl version will arrive December 10.

The label hasn't dished out too many details about the record, which is surprising, following the hilariously self-depreciating press release for last year's Far Side Virtual. ("Far Side Virtual is simply a symphony for Whole Foods and brand new Crocs.") We do know, however, that there will be 11 new jams on Sushi, including the high-energy "SO N2U," which you can stream down below.

Considering that song titles in that tracklisting make a linear progression from "SO N2U" to "Condom" and "Booty Call," chances are the album could score at least a few sexy evenings. Only time will tell, we suppose.


1. Powder
2. Jumpshot Earth
3. Flamboyant 
4. Playin Ya Self
5. Baby Mitsubishi
6. Lovesick
7. E 7
8. Jet Skis & Sushi
9. SO N2U
10. Condom
11. Booty Call