Jaki Liebezeit / Burnt Friedman Secret Rhythms 2

This is the sequel to the very successful collaboration between two of the best German musicians of their respective generations. The mood hasn’t changed much: the volume never goes too high but each track beckons the listener with novel sounds and percolating patterns. "Sikkerhed” opens with a waltz of wah guitar, mellow horns, discreet laptop work and a shifty and compelling drum pattern. The heavily polyrhythmic "The Sticks” comes next, picking up from the dying notes of the previous tune. It features gorgeous slide guitar and what sounds like hand-drumming anchored by clipped guitars weary from a non-stop flight from Central Africa. As with all the tunes on Secret Rhythms 2, it’s uncertain whether Liebezeit is even playing a kit, or whether he’s contributing bits and pieces to Friedman’s omnivorous production technique. No matter, because the rhythmic content, as befits the title, come from everywhere; from the tiniest glitch to the step rate of the flangers (Flanger being Friedman’s main working ensemble). Special guest David Sylvian gets his, um, groove on as vocalist on "The Librarian,” sounding more morose than ever singing its moody melody. After a few spins, Secret Rhythms 2 reveals a multiplicity of rhythmic approaches. There are definitely many influences from rhythm patterns around the globe but for the most part the instruments and ambience associated with these patterns is completely subsumed into Friedman and Liebezeit’s highly programmed "inner world music.” (Nonplace)