Jack White Donates $200,000 to Audio Preservation Charity

Jack White Donates $200,000 to Audio Preservation Charity
After Kanye West's musical charity was just launched, Detroit-born rock icon Jack White has followed suit with a charitable donation to the National Recording Preservation Foundation.

The artist previously donated over $142,000 to Detroit's Masonic Temple, and will now drop another $200,000 on helping out the NRPF.

The non-profit was "established to preserve and make accessible the recorded sounds of the United States." Put simply, their mandate is to preserve old audio recordings for longevity.

The newly minted organization will benefit greatly from White's money. Executive director Gerald Seligman explained that the donation "is our first and therefore provides the welcome opportunity to go from talk about the needs and priorities of audio preservation to concerted action."

In the Washington Post, Seligman also said, "Here we have a whole nation of cultural heritage in recorded sound [and] a lot of it is in precarious shape... Some was recorded on very fragile media — like old cylinders, acetates, reel-to-reel tapes — and it's turning into shards."

Thanks to Pitchfork for the tip.