Jack White Blasts "Hip Motherfuckers" at New York Show

Jack White Blasts 'Hip Motherfuckers' at New York Show
Everyone's entitled to a bad day, but Jack White must have had one of his worst in a long while on Wednesday (August 4), when he exploded at a New York City audience for failing to "rock out" adequately.

The NYC crowd had gathered at Manhattan venue Don Hill's to watch White perform with the Dead Weather. Unimpressed with the apathetic atmosphere, White reportedly launched into a tirade directed at the crowd.

"Fuck you, you hip motherfuckers!" he screamed. "Why don't you rock the fuck out? Maybe I should go grab those free drinks and shove them down your throats, you hip motherfuckers!"

According to the New York Daily News, White also stopped the show midway to eject a fan from the front row who was snapping photographs during the set.

By the end of the set, it seems, White had calmed down, and apologized to the audience for his irritability.

"I'm sorry I blew up at you guys earlier. Thanks for coming out."

The Dead Weather stopped by Letterman recently to play "Blue Blood Blues." You can watch the performance in our Click Hear section. Footage from the show on Wednesday is below.