Jack Peñate Matinée

As soon as Jack Peñate’s voice is heard on his full-length debut, Matinée, it’s easy to pick up on the fact that he’s not from this side of the pond. The South London songster’s accent might be what first grabs you but it isn’t the only thing that pulls you in. This collection of straight-up pop songs is seriously catchy from start to finish, and even when Peñate fools you into thinking he’s going to slow things down on "Torn On The Platform,” he somehow seamlessly goes from ballad to reggae with a couple strums of his guitar. Other tracks, like "Have I Been A Fool?,” with its piano hook, and "Spit At Stars,” with its chugging guitar intro, will stick with you instantly. Heck, I might even venture to say you’ll finally have something to replace the "1 2 3 4” you’ve been humming lately. (XL)