Jack Black & Jimmy Fallon "More Than Words" (parody video)

Jack Black & Jimmy Fallon 'More Than Words' (parody video)
You may remember the accompanying video to Extreme's 1991 uber cheesy hit tune "More Than Words" — the black-and-white aesthetic, the gently plucked acoustic guitar, the gorgeous flowing locks. If it's still not ringing a bell, don't worry — Jimmy Fallon enlisted the help of actor and Tenacious D axe man Jack Black for a shot-by-shot recreation of the clip on The Tonight Show last night (May 4).
Black takes on the role of too-buttoned-down button-down-shirt-wearing singer Gary Cherone, while Fallon shows off his guitar chops as Nuno Bettencourt. Watch the pair claim their roles as video parody kings atop their bar stool thrones, as they recreate every hilarious detail of the original video in the player below.