J. Robbins's Office of Future Plans Announce Debut LP

J. Robbins's Office of Future Plans Announce Debut LP
J. Robbins has made countless impressions on the punk scene, from his tenure in Government Issue to his run with post-hardcore greats Jawbox and Burning Airlines, not to mention his role as a record producer (Braid, Paint It Black). Now he's at it again, having announced an LP from his new outfit, Office of Future Plans.

Starting the band is said to have been a fluke, as the group, who also include cellist/guitarist Gordon Withers (Bells, the Pauses), bassist/multi-instrumentalist Brooks Harlan (Avec) and drummer Darren Zentek (Channels, Oswego, Kerosene 454), only intended to play a single gig back in 2009.

"It turned out to be a little too much fun to just do once," the statement says, "so, the band just kept writing and arranging... and committing songs to tape as they came to fruition."

Dischord Records will deliver the troupe's self-titled LP on November 21. A follow-up to this year's "Harden Your Heart"/"Everybody Loves You When You're Dead" single, the record contains 12 tracks and was recorded at Robbins's Baltimore, MD-area recording studio, the Magpie Cage.

Office of Future Plans:

1. "Salamander"
2. "Lorelei"
3. "Harden Your Heart"
4. "Ambitious Wrists"
5. "The Loyal Opposition"
6. "Your Several Selves"
7. "Abandon"
8. "You're Not Alone"
9. "The Beautiful Barricades"
10. "Fema Coffins"
11. "Dumb It Down"
12. "Riddle Me This"