Ivan & Aloysha Announce Sophomore Album

Ivan & Aloysha Announce Sophomore Album
Two years have passed since folksy Seattle combo Ivan & Aloysha arrived with the debut album All the Times We Had, and they won't keep their fans waiting much longer for the follow-up. It's All Just Pretend will be out on May 5 through Dine Alone Records/Dualtone Music.

The album was produced by the band's own Ryan Carbary, along with returning studio collaborator Chad Copelin plus Joe Chiccarelli (Beck, My Morning Jacket). Since their last last album, the former quartet have added drummer Cole Mauro to become a five-piece.

From the sound of things, It's All Just Pretend isn't too much of a departure from Ivan & Aloysha's usual sound, since a press release notes that the album has the "same qualities" as the band's past work, only "elevated."

The tracklist is below; scroll past that to watch a trailer for the album. It contains a clip of an earnest, cinematic indie rock song. It shows some nature shots along with black and white footage of the band tracking in the studio and performing onstage.

It's All Just Pretend:

1. Something Is Wrong
2. Bury Me Deep
3. All This Wandering Around
4. It's All Just Pretend
5. Tears In Your Eyes
6. Oh This Love
7. Come Rain, Come Shine
8. Modern Man
9. Drifting Away
10. Let Me Go East
11. Don't Lose Your Love