It It

This could only come out of Canada in this day and age. Brothers Johnston, Johnston and Johnston offer us 36 minutes of straight-ahead hard rock on this, their self-released debut CD. This may have been acceptable about a decade back, but come on! I can't even think of any comparisons and that's not because they "defy comparison" or anything - it's just too humdrum to bring anything to mind besides the term "hard rock." Think Ontario, think some opening band playing with Tesla at a rocker bar, and that's the kind of vibe this lil' tiger lets off. This does kind of make me smile for a minute, as it is refreshing to see dudes just rocking out and obviously (painfully so) not trying to fit in with anything or follow any trends. So, while I can give it a sliver of support in the attitude department, this is pretty much devoid of any reason to exist. (Independent)