Islands' Nick Thorburn Opens Up About Plans for "Extremely Dark" Follow-Up to 'A Sleep & A Forgetting'

Islands' Nick Thorburn Opens Up About Plans for 'Extremely Dark' Follow-Up to 'A Sleep & A Forgetting'
Nick Thorburn has long been known for his band-hopping ways, and the Islands leader has been involved in an array of acts over the years, including the Unicorns, Human Highway, Th' Corn Gangg and Mister Heavenly (and that's not to mention last year's solo album). Following Islands' newly released A Sleep & A Forgetting, many fans doubtless expected Thorburn to veer off into an array of other projects, so it comes as a bit of a surprise to learn that he's planning to keep his attention focused on Islands for the foreseeable future.

Speaking with Exclaim! about his next album, the frontman reveals, "I think the plan is to revisit Islands again. I want to stay in this world for a little bit. I have other ideas."

What other ideas, you ask? Well, the songwriter says, "I don't like to repeat myself or repeat formulas for each record," and goes on to explain that Islands' next record will be a departure from A Sleep & A Forgetting's wistfully lovesick balladry.

"I can say that it's, at the moment, extremely dark, and much darker than this record. It'll make this record seem very lighthearted in comparison," he reveals. "It's extremely dark. I'm going in, I'm going down."

The album likely won't be as lyrically consistent as A Sleep & A Forgetting, which focuses largely on a recent breakup, Thorburn says. "I don't think it's as concise and thorough a theme, but it's all there. It's all ready to go."

With a North American tour already underway (and a number of Canadian shows to begin soon), it's anyone's guess as to when we'll get some concrete information about this new Islands album. But now that he seems to be settling down with one band for a while, hopefully this means we won't have too long to wait.