Islands "No You Don't"

Islands 'No You Don't'
Evolving from one album (or possibly even one moment) to the next, Islands just released "No You Don't," which substantiates rumours about leader Nick Thorburn spearheading a more electronic sound for his latest songs. After the pomp and rock opera bombast of Arm's Way, it's no wonder why Thorburn might desire a more streamlined soundtrack for his biting wordplay, a direction that wasn't necessarily the best fit for the full, multi-man Islands line-up.

Enter former Unicorn/Islands crony/electro-rock aficionado Jamie Thompson and Evan and Geordie Gordon of the Magic, all of whom worked with Thorburn to conjure the vaguely hip-hop feel of "No You Don't," in which Thorburn busts sharp lines in a direct, almost spoken word cadence. With crisp beats and Moogs propelling it forward, "No You Don't" is an unusual bit of indie-pop and a fulfilling appetizer for Islands' Vapours, which streets on September 22.

Listen to "No You Don't" by Islands below: