Islands "Hallways" (video)

Islands 'Hallways' (video)
Islands main man Nick Thorburn's Mister Heavenly project may lay claim to the "doom-wop" tag, but his full-time gig's new ghoulish video for A Sleep & A Forgetting number "Hallways" fits the bill as well.

Co-directed by Lex Halaby and puppeteer Toben Seymour, the vid finds Thorburn sucked into a jam session with a number of jazzy skeletons on the slightly spooky, indie/ragtime anthem. The clip tips its hat to Vaudeville as the singer gets hooked offstage with a giant cane, only for him to return as a bloodied-up member of the bone club.

"From the beginning we talked with Nick about making a video that's equal parts funny and creepy," Halaby said in a statement. "He brought up the Max Fleischer cartoons of the 1930s as a source of inspiration. 'The Skeleton Dance' (1929) caught our eye and sparked the concept. We loved the idea of bringing an entire skeleton band to life."