Isis Ready New Album

Isis Ready New Album
It's been almost three years since post-metal outfit Isis' last full-length effort In The Absence Of Truth. That's an eon to fans of the Los Angeles-cum-Boston band's sprawling dirge.

According to long-time home Ipecac Records though, the wait is just about over. Isis have finally revealed their fifth long-player dubbed Wavering Radiant is completed and scheduled for two release dates: April 21 for the limited-edition vinyl and May 5 for the standard CD version.

Unfortunately, little else is known about the affair. Generally renowned for revolving albums around a central theme, Isis have not released any details about what may have inspired Wavering Radiant, only going so far as to note it was produced by Joe Baressi (Tool, Queens Of The Stone Age) and features Tool guitarist Adam Jones on two tracks. That, and vocalist/guitarist Aaron Turner's allusion to an expanding style.

"The album is perhaps a little more orchestral in feel than its four predecessors," he recently related to "There's more layers going on and more interplay between the instruments, rather than layering of parts," he stated, adding that because band members now live closer together, they were able to "work out some of the more subtle aspects of the songs before hitting the studio...This is a better sonic representation of what the band actually sounds like. In the past I think some of the recordings were a little too clean in their final form. There was something about the energy that seemed to be lacking. It seems to feel more like us than anything else has."

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