Ishkan & Sweet G The Ripper Writs

While Moka Only, "the most prolific" rapper, is over saturating the hip-hop market with his uncountable recent releases and re-releases, it's left to one of his City Planners brethren to hold down the Vancouver flows with some solid consistency. In steps Ishkan, rhyme partner to Moka in Now Folk. Joining the Captain on the production for The Ripper Writs is Sweet G, who shuns the cheesy keyboard sounds often used in the Vancouver underground, instead replacing them with some slamming funk slop. Ishkan's flow doesn't really change, but Sweet G's beats are so well suited to 'Kan that his deep, stuffed-up vocals ride the beats like he is part of the production. In fact, guests like Jeff Spec, Sichuan and Moka Only never quite match Ishkan's flow anywhere throughout the album. Rather, the best successes are all solo tracks, like "Ripper Writs," "Bout Ta Bub" and "Mykanics." More stories ("Blueskygrey") and concept tracks ("Human Instrument") would have demonstrated a greater dimension to Ishkan, although he does show great skills at weaving together nuggets of thought with wordplay over the whole of The Ripper Writs. Hopefully, Ishkan is prepared to be the next of the City Planners to start climbing that ladder of success. (Legendary)