Ishkan Murder Mouth

On Murder Mouth, Ishkan’s instantly recognisable, monotone flow and unique voice is well-matched with beats by DJ Murge, who tends to keep things dark, creepy and just a little bit freaky. And regardless of the quality level of the few beats recorded outside of this duo, those songs are misplaced here, consistently breaking up the feel and flow. However, with that being said, Jeff Spec’s reggae-influenced "Revolution” and Moka’s synth-heavy "Damn Shame” both result in good tracks. The guest vocals are also unnecessary, although Jeff Spec, Moka Only and especially Just Bang, a frequent collaborator with Murge, are each impressive. The title track stands out most as an album highlight thanks to a groovy, up-tempo beat and a catchy hook. It might also be the least dark of the Murge productions. Well, with the exception of the derivative "Same ol Same,” which also happens to be his only disappointing contribution. Still, Murder Mouth is a great collection of songs that rarely fails as a cohesive album. (Eclipse)