IRS "T-Dot Anthem"/"Manipulation"

With their second single release, this trio out of the Monolith camp continues to build a buzz for themselves. Known for their innovative live shows, IRS translates that energy onto "T-Dot Anthem." The self-explanatory title of the leadoff track finds MCs Korry Deez and Black Cat running through the of their hometown, from their viewpoint. Unashamedly raucous and rousing, the track still manages to apply the bouncy bottom end associated with Monolith related releases. That sound is even more pronounced on "Manipulation," a strikingly melodic entry detailing their resistance to change while in an intimate relationship. While the topic itself doesn't sound particularly exciting, the lively delivery changes that opinion and the slyly crooned chorus is the type that will stay marooned in your head and creep up on you unexpectedly. A solid release that should bode well for the upcoming Welcome To Planet IRS EP. (Wha Chu' Want)