Iron & Wine Unveils Kiss Each Other Clean Cover Art

Iron & Wine Unveils <i>Kiss Each Other Clean</i> Cover Art
It seems as if every week we get a little more info about folkster Iron & Wine's new album. Back in September, main man Sam Beam let it slip that the disc would be called Kiss Each Other Clean. Then a couple of weeks later, without being too specific, he let the world know that the collection would stray from his stripped-down sound into a world of jazz, blues and other adult contemporary styles that make it sound "like the music people heard in their parents' car growing up." Last week, he dredged up a full tracklisting and finally, today (November 16), he has given us the album's artwork, and it's a doozy.

Neon squiggles cover the black backdrop, which finds a dapper, but bearded, Beam standing knee deep in a river. Behind him is a flock of peacocks and a house on fire. We're not sure who set the place a blaze, but it looks like the hand-drawn Beam is out of harm's way, for now.

As a side-note, we're hoping he's not about to kiss those peacocks clean.

As previously reported, Kiss Each Other Clean will be released January 25 via Warner in North America and 4AD abroad. If you can't wait for that, Beam will be releasing a limited single of "Walking far from Home," which you can hear a snippet of below, on November 26 as part of Record Store Day's Black Friday celebration.