Invasions "Ballad of the Faithful"

Invasions 'Ballad of the Faithful'
Invasions emerged with their debut album, Cult of the Half Moon, just last year, but the Toronto band have already overhauled their sound on their new single in advance of their next LP.

In a statement, the band described their track "Ballad of the Faithful" as shifting away from their previous garage rock style in favour of a "surf western" sound. That seems like an accurate description, since the song is filled with reverb-drenched guitar licks, minor-key melodies and spaghetti western horns.

The track was engineered by Ross Carvelli of Brews Willis and Sean Gugula of the Audio Recording Academy of Toronto. Mixing and mastering was handled by Josh Korody at Candle Studios. It will appear on Invasions' upcoming album, due out this summer.

Invasions will play with Xray Eyeballs and others at Canadian Music Week on March 22 at Toronto's Silver Dollar.