Injected Burn It Black

Atlanta-based Injected fuse classic metal with more modern ideas on their debut disc, Burn It Black. The results are what might come out of collaborations between Motörhead’s Lemmy and the White Stripes. Vocalist Danny Grady has that deep groan, which is solidly supported by guitarist Jade Lemons, bassist Steve Slovisky and drummer Chris Wojtal, and is aimed directly at rock’n’roll greatness. The title track, "Burn It Black,” is a huge step towards that target but the album loses momentum in the middle with more pop-friendly songs like "Only Hurts Awhile” and the leadoff single "Faithless.” However, the true blue metal riffs return on "Used Up” and continue on through the closing of the disc. All the "bad words” have been omitted from the songs though, which is painfully obvious with the removal of half of lyrics in "Bullet,” (fingers crossed that this is only on the advance copy in my hands). The song is otherwise a kick-ass commentary on the American epidemic of high school revenge-style rampages. The clean sounds of Injected, although not exactly what I would call original, are certainly nothing like what is out now. (Universal)