Ingrid Gatin Returns with Howard Bilerman-produced '1000 Lives' LP

Ingrid Gatin Returns with Howard Bilerman-produced '1000 Lives' LP
Accordion lovers can prepare to get another fix of their favourite instrument, as Manitoba's own Ingrid Gatin is preparing to release a new album in 2013. She will put out 1000 Lives on February 5.

The record was created with acclaimed producer Howard Bilerman (Arcade Fire, the Dears, Wolf Parade), partly at Montreal's prestigious Hotel2Tango studios and at a loft and a church in Winnipeg.

The album is said to feature an old-timey sound bolstered by piano and accordion. A press release explains, "You can hear strains of '70s soul in the air, and hints of Balkan bravado, but through it all Ingrid evokes emotion, longing, and romance in every song."

Hear the vintage-sounding pop waltz "Slow Dancing" at the bottom of this page, below the tracklist.

Interestingly, the album includes a song called "Broken Tambourine," which is the name of Gatin's 2009 debut album.

1000 Lives:

1. My Ship, My Crown
2. Slow Dancing
3. Take These Walls
4. 1000 Lives
5. Climb, Climb, Climb
6. The One with the Neighbours
7. I Built This Song
8. Madness
9. Cherry Blossom
10. Broken Tambourine
11. Time Will Change Us