InDecember Zero 2 Sixty

After hearing their self-titled demo last year, Sea of Green bassist Eric Kuthe signed Toronto’s InDecember to a multi-record deal and assumed management of this young, Supernova Battle of the Bands-winning outfit. A cross between Pantera and Deftones, vocalist Chris Gillespie growls like Phil Anselmo and sings like Chino Moreno on the opening groover, "Harsh.” Strains of Godsmack’s Sully Erna seep into his delivery during the verses of "Blister” as the band pins down their wily metalcore sound. The slower but no less intense "Hedge Maze” sounds like Killing Joke covering Creed, and the jagged riffage of "Salted Wounds” approaches a more pop-sensible Shadows Fall. The stoner-rock-friendly "Sweet Tooth” sports Kamar Gabbidon’s fabulous fret board runs and melodic fingering on the bridges (reprised in the intro of "Blind Eye”). If Zero 2 Sixty is any indication of the potential of their debut full-length (due out this fall), then InDecember may very well find themselves winners in the crossover-metal sweeps. (12th Planet)