Impaled Nazarene Death Comes in 26 Carefully Selected Tracks

To celebrate 15 decadent years of nihilistic punk/black metal/trash rock, Finland’s Impaled Nazarene have delivered their first official live album. Recorded in Helsinki, the sound quality here is great, with these 25 songs coming through crystal clear, yet with a raw feel. The fact that these guys mix up black metal’s brutality with a punk vibe and a sense of humour really makes for an enjoyable listen; it’s more like Motörhead than Mortiis, which is just fine by me. Although at 68 minutes, the band prove here that variety is not the spice of their life: it gets tiring after about half an hour. Still, a good overview of the band’s career and a good enough starting point for any newcomers to their wild and wacky world. Included is a cover of a Diabolos Rising song, which was an Impaled Nazarene side project that spawned one of the scariest albums ever heard, 666. Love those song titles too: "Sadistic 666/Under a Golden Shower,” and "The Lost Art of Goat Sacrificing” in particular, proving these guys can crack a sadistic smile underneath all the layers of pseudo-Satanism. Plus, the guitarist goes by the name of Onraj 9mm, a hilarious stab at a band most metal-heads probably aren’t even familiar with. (The End)