"White Noise" ('Southern Souls' video)

BY Gregory AdamsPublished Mar 21, 2014

Following last month's "Follow Me," Hamilton outfit Illitry are letting loose another danceable rock track to help preview an impending, as-yet-undetailed LP. This time, the band have unveiled a Southern Souls session supporting their track "White Noise."

The self-described "electro-organic" ensemble are seen in their loft pumping out a precious arrangement of staccato guitar licks and strange, backwards-masked sounds from a sampler, while shivery rhythms are sent out across a drum kit. The foursome soon lock into a post-Radiohead groove, all under the glow of lamps and a makeshift band logo constructed on a vintage Lite Brite kit.

Though details are slim, Illitry's new album is apparently set for a fall release.

For now, check out the video below.

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