Ikara Colt Basic Instructions EP

Hot on the heels of their explosive Chat And Business album, London art-punks Ikara Colt already have a follow-up EP to keep fans happy. Basic Instructions is a collection of five songs focusing on album track "May B 1 Day” as a single. The track is presented in two forms: the original, and a second, remixed version. The former is a minimalist’s dream, featuring Mark E. Smith-styled melodies (if there can be such a thing) and thunderball drums. The remix interestingly becomes a throwback to Joy Division’s "She’s Lost Control,” with electronic gizmos taking over to actually improve the track. As good as it is though, it’s the other tracks that outdo the features. "Don’t They Know” is a blinding hybrid of punk funk drums and Sonic Youth violence that is easily their best track to date. "Panic” thrashes about wildly like Liars battling Drive Like Jehu and "Bring It To Me” simply teaches us how loud rackets can be a beautiful thing without resorting to ripping off the Stooges. Basic Instructions is as thrilling as Ikara Colt’s album, which is a hard thing to equal, especially with only three new tracks. (Epitaph)