Iggy Pop Re-Records "The Passenger" Via, Um, Skype

Iggy Pop Re-Records 'The Passenger' Via, Um, Skype
From reunion tours with his former band the Stooges to massive endorsement deals, punk rock instigator - we won't say founder because that's a bit much - Iggy Pop has never been afraid of making waves, news or cash off of his name.

This time, however, he's managed to pack all three of those bits of hype into one shot thanks to a recent scheme. It appears as if a New Zealand-based telecommunications company has hired Pop to be a part of their new marketing campaign.

After seeing all those ads with "Lust for Life," you're probably thinking, "big deal," right? Well, it's a bit more interesting than that. Not only has the Godfather of Punk allowed the firm to use his track, "The Passenger" as their theme music, but he's re-recorded it via the Internet.

Yep, local station 3 News reports [via TwentyFourBit] that Pop didn't even leave his home in Miami, FL to give the corporation what they wanted. He selected eight Kiwi musicians from over 200 hopeful amateurs and then held court via a Skype connection to get the tune done.

In order to switch it up a bit, Pop chose a guitarist that he manages to get to strip down to his undies and a flutist. We give him credit for embracing technology but, well, needless to say, results are unusual, and not necessarily in a good way. That's why we're referring to Pop as a punk instigator, not originator, this time around.

Judge for yourself: