Iggy Pop Drops the Rock for "Classic Tunes" on New Covers Album

Iggy Pop Drops the Rock for 'Classic Tunes' on New Covers Album
Iggy Pop may have finally gone crazy. The punk legend recently showed up on American Idol to perform a song, and then we learned that he was being immortalized in plastic with his very own action figure. Now, the Stooges legend has announced that he will be releasing an album of soft rock covers and ballads.

"There are no rock songs," Pop recently told Billboard. The album will mostly consist of "classic tunes," and Pop said that he did "very little writing" for the project. These classic tunes include "Michelle" by the Beatles and "Everybody's Talkin'" by Fred Neil, as well as songs by Serge Gainsbourg and Henri Salvadore.

"I've been doing American and French [songs], mostly ballads," the singer explained. This will mark Pop's second bilingual project in recent years; his latest solo LP, Préliminaires, was a New Orleans jazz album.

The new album is mostly complete, but additional recording still needs to be done. "I'd like to get it out for Christmas this year," he said, "and if it doesn't then I reckon it will come out in January next year -- but over the winter, for sure."

Stay tuned for more updates about the as-yet-untitled album. And with the way Iggy's been acting lately, don't be surprised if we hear of more un-punk developments soon.