Phoenix "If I Feel Better" / "1901" (ft. Daft Punk)

Phoenix 'If I Feel Better' / '1901' (ft. Daft Punk)
If you were in New York last night (October 20) but skipped out on the Phoenix show, you’re really going to be kicking yourself today. During the French popsters’ concert at Madison Square Garden, the band were joined by none other than fellow Parisian superstars Daft Punk, who made the night more than a little epic.

Set up and helmed behind Phoenix, the robotic duo first weaved hits "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger" and "Around the World" into Phoenix’s “If Ever Feel Better,” only to one-up this with a killer, mega-extended rendition of “1901,” which made use of the classic Thomas Bangalater sample from “Together.”

Thanks to YouTube and a generous uploader, you can watch some footage from the show below. But we’re really hoping someone was recording this all from the soundboard.