Ian Pooley/Various Nite:Life 06

German DJ Pooley works in various genres, but fans would attest that he is at his best when he drops a good dose of deep house to get the mood really working. His debut mix CD with the NRK Sound Division label, whose Nite:Life tangent is the space for renowned house DJs like Joey Negro and Miguel Migs, amongst others, to show their stuff, is the sixth instalment in their new project and Pooley does not disappoint. The mix works as any should, showcasing Pooley's talents as a sophisticated master behind the decks, but also allowing him to pay kudos to the tracks that have inspired a pulsating dance floor vibe. There are some appropriately sensual moments full of tempting bass line hooks, such as "Begun 2 Love U," by Doug Willis (aka Joey Negro), and New Phunk Theory's conga-driven remix of Yann Fontaine's "Open Your Eyes." Pooley moves pretty deftly from his deep house preferences to the more spare, hard-hitting tech-house tracks, courtesy of Derrick Carter's remix of "Blaze," his own "900 Degrees" and Technasia's "Evergreen 1." Clocking in at an almost perfect 75 minutes, this is a promising debut from an even more promising DJ. (NRK)