Ian Love Ian Love

As far as life experience goes, Ian Love’s done just about everything. As a teenager he got involved in the hardcore punk scene, playing guitar in NYC’s Burn, before discovering heroin and alcohol, which quickly took over his life. After cleaning up, he joined Walter Schreifels’ post-Quicksand, post-hardcore/emo outfit Rival Schools as guitarist, and eventually moved on to co-found space rockers Cardia. In his spare time on the road as a touring member of Onelinedrawing, Love picked up an acoustic guitar and began to write solo compositions that would make their way onto his debut, self-titled album. Needless to say, his track record provides enough lyrical content to write another ten albums, but what he’s included here is remarkable. Endearing, moving and filled with all sorts of pretty (yes, I mean pretty) hooks, Love has an unutterable ability to draw the listener in immediately on the inaugural listen. This kind of melodic wistfulness has been tried by many a singer-songwriter, however, Love seems like a real natural when it comes to baring his soul, something his past bands never gave him an outlet for. There are no real standouts on the album, and I think that’s what sets it apart and makes it so special. You’re tuned in for its entirety, and every precious word he sings is as thoughtful as the next. Here’s to hoping he either becomes a highly acclaimed underground hero or a superstar solo artist, because anything less seems criminal. (Limekiln)