I Mother Earth Gear Up for Apparent Reunion

I Mother Earth Gear Up for Apparent Reunion
Following recent reunions from Doughboys, Headstones and the Lowest of the Low, long-lost rockers I Mother Earth have become the latest Canadian band from the '90s to reconvene.

AUX points to the band's website, which shows a clock that's counting to a date a little more than 13 days from now. That means the clock will run out in the early hours of January 24.

What exactly the clock is counting down to isn't entirely clear, but vocalist Bryan Byrne posted a Facebook update hinting that he would be part of the festivities. "I guess its official! Pretty pumped!", he wrote. "Here is to a new year in music and fun with my best friends!"

Byrne replaced original I Mother Earth singer Edwin in 1997. We're guessing that Byrne's announcement means that Edwin won't be taking part in whatever I Mother Earth have planned, but at this point, we really can't say for sure.

Only one thing is certain: check back to the band's page in a couple of weeks and the clock will have counted down to something.