I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness Fear Is On Our Side

The brooding post-punk sound fashioned in the late ’70s by Echo & the Bunnymen, the Chameleons UK and, of course, Joy Division have no doubt had an effect on music in the last couple years. Interpol (who certainly kick-started this resurgence), Editors and Calla all bring their own distinct qualities, but in all honesty, the exhaustingly named I Love You But I’ve Chosen Darkness are perhaps both the truest to their ancestors and the most innovative in their practice. Based out of Austin, TX, this five-piece were actually something altogether different — more angular and danceable — on their Britt Daniel-produced debut EP, but whatever made them take a left turn in their music has done them wonders. Produced by Paul Barker (Ministry, Revolting Cocks), Fear Is On Our Side doesn’t come out swinging with guitar-driven, rhythm-swinging, minor note-hitting rockers. ILYBICD are more about creating an atmosphere that is entirely unpredictable, often swerving in and out of a post-rock consciousness that finds them tinkering with ambient ideas that would impress Mark Hollis. In fact, the band boldly squeeze "The Owl” and "Today” — two brief, highly textured instrumentals are reminiscent of soundscapes by Talk Talk and Faith-era Cure — side by side into the first half of the album to show their dexterity. There’s little regularity, which provides a bracing listen, but nonetheless, ILYBICD can match their peers with the "rock” on "According to Plan” and "Lights” when they feel the need to. (Secretly Canadian)