Hundred Waters

Central United Church, Calgary AB, June 24

Photo: Ryan Kostel

BY Jibril YassinPublished Jun 25, 2015

Hundred Waters weren't a loud band by any means, but the Florida art-rock group's mix of moody and elegant made great use of volume. With the advantage of a great mix, they were able to showcase their musicianship and their use of dynamics well.

There were times when their reliance on samples meant their performances felt a little like going through the motions, but there were moments where they managed to transcend that. Singer Nicole Miglis won the crowd over with her solo rendition of "Show Me Love," a performance that sounded genuine and engaging.

They ended their set with a performance of "Animal" that started off fairly innocuous, but its fierce coda, featuring all members of the band hunched over their instruments as they brought about a magnificent climax, got Hundred Waters a standing ovation from the audience.

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