Hundred Reasons Shatterproof is Not a Challenge

Far too often bands are chastised for altering their sound to the much-detested, radio-friendly rock style. But sometimes, as in the case of the UK’s Hundred Reasons, it is necessary for proper musical development and growth. The band’s sophomore, major label release, Shatterproof is Not a Challenge, must be an alt-rock radio music director’s wet dream. There are at least five tracks that I can hear that would stick out as stellar radio singles ("What You Get,” "Harmony,” and "Truth with Elegance” all qualify). Each of the songs are short (all but one are under four minutes, making the disc less than 40 minutes of listening pleasure) and each closely follows the laws of pop (as set by bands of the ilk of the Killjoys and Pure). There are memorable guitar riffs, simple but stated lyrics and quick in and out impressions. Shatterproof is Not a Challenge plays the role of the solid foundation beneath the hype that brought Hundred Reasons to the conciseness of the British music tastemakers. The disc also commands the respect of listeners but not hiding behind a hard rock veneer. Hundred Reasons have their pop rock hearts on their sleeves, which is surprisingly endearing and charming. One of the year’s best. (Sony)