Human Temple Insomnia

If you just pay attention to the music, Insomnia is a fairly generic ’80s-styled hard rock album with a little Hammond organ, piano and ’70s vocal harmonies thrown to give a hint of progressive flavouring — decently performed and all that, just on the worn out side. Of course, if you actually listen to the lyrics you’ll quickly realise that Human Temple goes beyond cock rock straight to cheeseball chauvinism and demeaning misogyny. How does "I don’t expect you to understand / You’re just a woman” go down for you? And the biggest problem is that the whole thing seems so earnest and sincere — from the soulful (or at least trying to be) ballads right across to the straight-ahead (but plodding) rockers. This is an outdated beast, one that should be mercifully laid to rest. (MTM)