Hot Chip's Rob Smoughton Announces Solo Debut as Grovesnor

Hot Chip's Rob Smoughton Announces Solo Debut as Grovesnor
When he's not behind the drum kit for Hot Chip, Rob Smoughton keeps busy making soulful, shimmering electro tracks under the Grovesnor moniker. Grovesnor has opened for Hot Chip in the past, and has slowly been simmering into its own full-fledged project. The result of that build is Soft Return, Grovesnor's debut album.

 According to a press release, Soft Return showcases both a love of strong structure and an ability to cut loose. "I always try to write songs with strong melody and harmony, and with an underlying narrative, but I also own a pair of dancing shoes and love to boogie," Smoughton said.

Musically, the record apparently touches on everyone from Hall and Oates to Daft Punk and the Flaming Lips. If you want to hear for yourself, several album cuts are playing on Grovesnor's MySpace here.

Soft Return is out on May 25 on Lo Recordings.

Soft Return:

1. "Turn Your Radio Up"
2. "Taxi From The Airport"
3. "Dan"
4. "Nitemoves"
5. "Find A Way To Stop Him"
6. "Dragon Tree"
7. "Soft Return"
8. "No Doubt About It"
9. "When I Saw You Dance"
10. "I Heard Violins"
11. "Cuckolded"