Hot Chip Get Dan Snaith, Major Lazer for Expanded Edition of 'In Our Heads'

Hot Chip Get Dan Snaith, Major Lazer for Expanded Edition of 'In Our Heads'
British dance party favourites Hot Chip released their album In Our Heads just a few months ago, but the outfit are already planning to re-release it in expanded form. The two-disc version of the album will arrive in the UK on November 19 through Domino Records.

This extended version includes the original 11-track album, plus a bonus disc with 12 extra tunes. These additional cuts include a pair of studio-recorded B-sides ("Jelly Babies" and "Doctor"), in addition to demos and alternate mixes. Among the contributing remixers are Daphni (aka Caribou's Dan Snaith), Optimo and Major Lazer.

At this point, it's unclear whether the album will be officially released on this side of the Atlantic. In any case, Domino ships internationally, so you can pre-order a copy right here.

Hot Chip are currently on tour, but they don't have any dates in the U.S. or Canada. See the schedule here, and be sure to read Exclaim!'s recent interview with multi-instrumental Al Doyle.

In Our Heads (Expanded Edition):

CD 1:

1. Motion Sickness
2. How Do You Do?
3. Don't Deny Your Heart
4. Look at Where We Are
5. These Chains
6. Night and Day
7. Flutes
8. Now There Is Nothing
9. Ends of the Earth
10. Let Me Be Him
11. Always Been Your Love

CD 2:

1. Jelly Babies
2. Doctor 
3. Look At Where We Are (Major Lazer Digi Drums mix) 
4. Night and Day (Daphni mix) 
5. Flutes (Optimo remix) 
6. Night and Day (demo)
7. Now There Is Nothing (demo) 
8. Babies (demo)
9. How Do You Do (demo) 
10. Flutes (demo) 
11. Night and Day (Charlie Fracture remix) 
12. Let Me Be Him (Joe's dub)