Honest John Plain Honest John Plain and the Amigos

Honest John Plain has had a long and impressive career as a footnote. From his respected but unknown punk group the Boys, to his work with Keith Richards and Ronnie Wood in the Dirty Strangers, his whole career has been spent in one shadow or another. On his second solo album Plain proves why this trend has plagued him so consistently. Although the album is solidly good there is absolutely nothing outstanding about it. Each song has charm and energy and is well performed, but there is nothing that stands up to be noticed. On the same note, it’s also this fact that gives the album its appeal. It’s raw, honest and real. Plain seems to realise his limitations and sticks to working at what he is good at. Too many aging artists ruin the later part of their career by striving too hard to prove their relevance. Plain plays his songs without any misapprehensions and that’s why they work. (Angel Air)