Holler! Wild Rose Our Little Hymnal

Remember the first time you realised how beautiful life could be? Let me guess, you were listening to some gorgeous build-up with your headphones snugly placed, your hands scrunched up, your heart stopped beating, you might have cried. It’s okay; don’t be embarrassed. If you haven’t experienced something like this then I suggest you try New Jersey’s passionately aggressive Holler! Wild Rose. If you have enjoyed this momentous thrill, Our Little Hymnal is all that and more. Packed to the brim with juicy, yet hollow and fragile, indie rock build-ups, and overflowing with delicate Bowie-esque interpretations, Holler! Wild Rose blend together organic elements with their eyes closed, letting the sounds escape their modest bodies. Already possessing a strong following back home, it’s only a matter of time before Canada latches onto these artful melodies and deep-cutting lyrics. The first track is a defining moment for the band’s melodic outbursts, whereas "Mercy Beat” is low-key and reminiscent of Bruce Springsteen. Each track is perfected and comes with a purpose, ensuring Holler! Wild Rose are an act that won’t be quieting down anytime soon. (Backlight)