Hit the Theatres with Michael Jackson's This Is It, More Than A Game, The Collector and More in Exclaim!'s Film Review Round-Up

Hit the Theatres with <i>Michael Jackson's This Is It</i>, <i>More Than A Game</i>, <i>The Collector</i> and More in Exclaim!'s Film Review Round-Up
As is our weekly custom at Exclaim, we've opined about the latest movies hitting theatres this weekend, and you can find them all in our Recently Reviewed section!

The charming documentary about the high-school basketball team that spawned Lebron James, More Than A Game, is out today. And it's wonderfully directed and narrated by first-time director Kristopher Belman. Four months after his passing, Michael Jackson's This Is It is hitting theaters. Pulling back the curtain, it shows Jackson putting together the end-all-be-all Jackson show that never happened. Kenny Ortega captures the ambition of a performer whose goal to entertain superseded everything else in his life.

Amreeka, director Charion Dabis's film about the difficulties of adapting to life in North America faced by new immigrants, is out today. Director Marcus Dunstan's The Collector is also out, and should appeal to fans of the Saw franchise still hungry for gore. Finally, Danish film-maker Nicolas Winding Refn has returned with his engrossingly violent film, Bronson, which also hits theatres this weekend.

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