Hit the Theatres with Extraordinary Measures, Creation and Tooth Fairy in This Week's Film Round-Up

Hit the Theatres with <i>Extraordinary Measures</i>, <i>Creation</i> and <i>Tooth Fairy</i> in This Week's Film Round-Up
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Science and religion battle it out in Creation, Jon Amiel's film about the life of Charles Darwin that stars Paul Bettany and Jennifer Connelly as Charles and Emma Darwin, respectively. Another biopic out in theatres this week is The Last Station, which tells the story of the final days of Russian novelist Leo Tolstoy.

Brendan Fraser has come a long way since playing the bomb shelter hermit son of Christopher Walken in Blast From the Past. His latest film, Extraordinary Measures, finds him and his wife enlisting the help of a renegade doctor (Harrison Ford) to try to find a cure for their mortally ill children. For some lighter family fun, Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson stars in Tooth Fairy as a tutu-wearing ex-hockey player who needs his girlfriend's children to cheer him up during a mid-life crisis.

If you want something that will leave you with some knowledge, or at least feeling satisfied with the $12 you just spent on your film choice, check out Peter Mettler's environmental documentary Petropolis: Aerial Perspective on the Alberta Tar Sands. There is some serious awareness to be gained from this film, which draws attention to substantial greenhouse gas emissions and other environmental damage that comes from the second largest oil reserve in the world.

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