Higher Giant Al's Moustache

Led by ex-Grey Zone front-man Ernie Parada, Higher Giant are pretty much a bona fide super-group, packing drummer David Wagenschutz (Lifetime, Kid Dynamite), bassist Alex Volonino (the Arsons) and guitarist Jason Lehrhoff (Warzone, Grey Area) for one weighty pop punk punch. Parada's voice is as strong as ever, recalling Ignite's Zoli Téglás, with some impressive upper-register chops leading a meat-and-potatoes pop punk assault. It's partially the knowledge that any one of these dudes could chew your face off (musically), but have instead opted to play it simple that makes Al's Moustache such a fine collection. It's passionate and well executed, all in the service of great songs that recall the band's collective jaw-dropping pedigree. Peep it. (Black Numbers)