High Places Show 'Original Colors' on New Album

High Places Show 'Original Colors' on New Album
Since releasing their sophomore album High Places vs. Mankind last year, Brooklyn-bred, Los Angeles-based art pop duo High Places have been relatively quiet. That will all change this fall, as the group are planning to release a new album.

 The new full-length is called Original Colors and was recorded by the band at their home studio in LA. The cover art is available above, with the tracklisting below. For now, that's all we know about the release but stay tuned for more info or a sample of the album when it becomes available.

Thrill Jockey will release Original Colors on October 11.

Original Colors:

1. "Year Off"

2. "The Oull"

3. "Sonora"

4. "Ahead Stop"

5. "Sophia"

6. "Dry Lake"

7. "Morning Ritual"

8. "Banksia"

9. "Twenty Seven"

10. "Altos Lugares"