High Places "Shared Islands"

High Places 'Shared Islands'
Another day, another discovery from the fertile 718 area code... If you divvy up the components that make Brooklyn’s High Places, you've likely heard a lot of what this duo do before: Tropicalia, lo-fi, avant-garde, dancehall, dream pop, calypso, chamber music, hip-hop, dub – the list could go on. Mary Pearson and Robert Barber seem determined to bring Club Med to their borough and plant it square in Coney Island, via a TARDIS-style time warp. They fiddle with pitches and speeds, bend melodies, break music boxes, loop in bubbly polyrhythms, and then take everything and soak it in heavy reverb for an experience woozier than a quart of sizzurp.

No album yet… well, no official album yet - eMusic compiled an album’s worth of songs the band recorded last year, revealingly titled 03/07-09/07, which you can purchase here - but an EP and various seven-inches and compilation tracks have found life both in shops and all over the net.

One of them is "Shared Islands,” a blurred assembly of crystalline wind chimes, Cocteau Twins ambience and hyper island rhythms that soothes you with angelic harmony while it discombobulates with erratic layering. If you’re familiar with recent indie blog pets A Sunny Day In Glasgow and El Guincho, you’ll find nice middle ground here.

High Places have been trekking around North America with like-minded noise reconstructionists such as Gang Gang Dance, No Age, the Blow and Ecstatic Sunshine, and will make an appearance in Toronto on May 3 at the Over the Top Fest with Our Brother the Native and Huckleberry Friends.

High Places "Shared Islands”