High on Fire "The Black Plot" (video)

High on Fire 'The Black Plot' (video)
Ahead of High on Fire hitting the road with Meshuggah, they're giving us one of the most wildly blood-shedding animated clips you're bound to see this year. Get ready to feast your hungry eyes on the intergalactic fantasy epic that is their video for "The Black Plot."

The animated piece gets grisly from the jump, finding helmed warriors going at it with a bunch of multi-horned, many-limbed monsters. Heads are lopped off, guts are stabbed, and, quite quickly, the desolate planes of this war world are teeming with piles of corpses.

One sword-swinger is given another chance by a wandering nudist mystic, with a new breath of life given so that he can go berzerk on skele-kings, cyclops baddies and more.

Directed by Gina Niespodziani and Mark Szumski off of a concept by Skinner, the video can be seen below.

High on Fire start their tour with Meshuggah in October. The trip hits Toronto and Montreal, and all of the date and venue details are here.